Sin Undone - Larissa Ione The best possible ending to an exceptionally great series, Sin Undone outdoes all its prequels, even Passion Unleashed.

Sin is the most amazing female character, ever. And after her first introduction in Demonica #4, I wasn't sure it would be fitting for her to be in a relationship because of how messed up her life was, but Con's her way-too-sexy-to-be-real perfect soulmate. I love how Sin kept sacrificing herself for others, but it didn't come across as fake or unreal in anyway whatsoever. She's portrayed as a very believable and down-to-earth woman, and her story tugged on all of my heartstrings.

And Con...what can I say about him that won't make me sound like a raving fanatic? Absolutely nothing, because he's just so amazing, awesome, sexy, funny, adorable, hot, etc. etc., but more than all that, it's how much better Con and Sin become in each other's presence. Really makes you feel the love.

Of course, I couldn't be sadder this series has ended, but I'm really looking forward to more books by Ione. I'm sure they won't let me down. ^_^