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Daisy's Back in Town - Rachel Gibson

this was such a sweet, heart-warming romance! the best thing about gibson's novels is how she transforms the simplest of stories into something absolutely magical.


daisy, steven, and jack have been best friends since second grade. right after graduating from high school, daisy married steven and they moved out of town. now steven's dead and daisy's back in town, with something huge to tell jack.


the main romance is between jack and daisy, who were sweethearts before steven married her. it starts out with jack wanting nothing to do with the girl who broke his heart and ran off with his best friend, and daisy refusing to leave him alone, to the fire between them reigniting, to jack hating daisy all over again when he finds out the truth about what happened 15 years ago, to their very well-deserved happy-ever-after.


i really liked daisy in the beginning, even knowing what she'd kept from jack. but once jack finds out and we get to hear how he feels about everything, i got angry with daisy on his behalf. eventually though, as jack learns to accept the past and finally let go of his anger and sadness, i got over it too. i was cheering for these two throughout, and the ending was just perfect.


now, onto book 2. :)

Highlander Untamed  - Monica McCarty

ugh. just ugh. i read about 20% before quitting and i simply couldn't stomach any more of it. allow me to summarize what i did manage to read:


naive stupid girl of astounding beauty has to marry rugged highland warrior from the clan her family's in a war with to end the feud, said rugged warrior is determined to ignore her, but her beauty and "innocence" ain't hard to ignore, and before he knows it, he's feeling the feelz for her while she drones on and on about how rugged and manly and muscular he is, and how much she hates that he hasn't dropped to his knees in awe of her astounding beauty yet, but we all know how long that's gonna last. 



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Never Kiss a Rake - Anne Stuart

really, i don't mind that kilmartyn and his wife have extramarital affairs and completely despise each other, but what immensely bothers me is how byrony is kissing and feeling all these things for her master, and letting him have his way with her, all the while not even considering that he's still a married man, and his personal relationship with his wife aside, shouldn't it cross her mind at least once that he's still freakin' MARRIED??


also, i predicted half the ending about 2 chapters in. -_-


also also, i'm still enjoying the book, the above-mentioned issues aside.



so far, never kiss a rake has been extremely interesting and suspenseful. loving the interaction between the hero and heroine, and the added mystery is a great bonus. my first read by stuart was a dnf, so i'm pleasantly surprised by how much i'm enjoying this. 

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"Bloody hell, woman, I'm not drunk. I'm asking you to marry me."

- Less Than a Gentleman, Kerrelyn Sparks

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To the Edge - Cindy Gerard It was good, but could've been better.

3.5/5 stars
The Hunter - Monica McCarty This is officially my #1 favorite historical romance series. I'm so in love with the world McCarty has created here, and how each book is more interesting and each story more intensely beautiful than the last.

So sad, now that I've finished reading all the ones that are already out. Book 8 can't get here fast enough!

4.5/5 stars
The Recruit - Monica McCarty This book was damn near perfect!
Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews All's well that ends well, I suppose. Doubt I'll be reading book 7 though.

P.S. I'm using the GR interpretation for 2 stars here - it was okay.
The Trouble With Valentine's Day - Rachel Gibson :')

3.7/5 stars

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