Head Rush - Carolyn Crane This series lost its charm for me near the beginning of book 2, and while Head Rush wasn't a particularly bad ending to the trilogy, I'm just glad it's over. As for my predictions, I was 50% right. Yippee.

My predictions for Head Rush:

1. A startling amount of scenes with Justine clutching her head because something isn't sitting well in there.
2. Justine will be about to say "I do" to Otto when Packard raids the wedding and abducts her. Then something like what happened with Eric in SS will happen to Justine and she'll finally get it through her thick skull that Packard is Mr. Right. Okay, so this isn't likely to happen, but it's nice fantasizing about it.
3. Shelby will be right about to kill Packard when Justine steps in front of the guy and takes the bullet instead. For some reason, this will unleash all her stolen memories.
4. Carter and Shelby will end up together. (I really don't see why they haven't already, actually, since they would make such an adorable couple!)
5. Packard will murder Otto like he's always planned, and Justine will kill Sophia.
6. Packard and Justine will live happily forever after. Duh.