Unholy Magic - Stacia Kane Thoughts before reading:

I'm going to give this series one more chance, for this and this alone:
“Readers have the right to say whatever the fuck they want about a book. Period. They have that right. If they hate the book because the MC says the word “delicious” and the reader believes it’s the Devil’s word and only evil people use it, they can shout from the rooftops “This book is shit and don’t read it” if they want. If they want to write a review entirely about how much they hate the cover, they can if they want. If they want to make their review all about how their dog Foot Foot especially loved to pee on that particular book, they can.” - Stacia Kane

Okay, fine, there's Terrible love mixed up in there as well, but it's mostly because of the above-mentioned quote.

Thoughts after reading:

I've never wanted to love a series as much as I wanted to love Downside Ghosts. I didn't like the first book in the series at all, and I'd dropped DG because I was convinced it simply wasn't for me, but with the recent (or not-so-recent, come to think of it) authors versus reviewers drama going around and more specifically, Kane's admirable stand on it, I was determined to like her series.

For the first half of Unholy Magic, I was positive I'd hate it like I did Unholy Ghosts. But slowly, I began understanding the plot, slang, and Chess which led to a noticeable difference in my enjoyment of the book.

I don't love this series yet, but I like the writing and story enough to be excited about reading on. Chess is still a wild card, but I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.

3.5/5 stars

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