Drink Deep - Chloe Neill Well. My one-book-brief love affair with this series has certainly come to an end.

Why Drink Deep is the greatest disappointment of 2011:

1. Story = Filler. Until the very last 2 chapters or so, most of the story is pretty much nonexistent and it's apparent that Neill tried (and failed, I might add) to build up the suspense about what will become of Ethan, and the "story" part of the book was simply added out of obligation. Really, NOTHING happens in Drink Deep. If you haven't yet read the book: save your time and energy, flip to the back, and read the epilogue. You won't have missed a single thing by skipping nearly 300 pages of the so-called story.

2. Characters = Immature. Everyone annoyed me, especially Merit. I've never been a huge fan of her, and I hated her even more in this book. She's so...cold and forced sometimes. It's like the author tried to make the perfect heroine with her perfect flaws, but she seems extremely unnatural and fake. I can never relate to her and I don't get why she's always interfering with matters without thinking them through and then acting like she has a personal right to everything that goes on in Chicago.

And despite loving Catcher and Mallory for the past several books, I hated even them in Drink Deep. Jeff remains my only constant love.

3. Plot = Boring. At one point, I was actually skipping pages. Not skimming, but simply skipping 2-5 pages at a time because of how utterly boring the entire book was. I had to force myself to finish this book, and only because I'd heard the ending was so epic. So much for that.

4. Ending = Desperate. I've said this time and again, but I hate resurrection and incarnation. It's always a coward's way out of a tricky situation, and I'm disappointed that Neill used that clutch. I'm not mad at Ethan for coming back, but if this was going to happen anyway, then why go through the huge drama with killing him in the first place? Why not do something else that's truly interesting and attention-capturing than killing off the hero only to bring him back in the next book?

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