The Wedding Bargain - Victoria Alexander I tried. I sincerely did. But really, could this story possibly be any more unoriginal and predictable?

So, let's make a list of all the clich├ęs I've encountered so far:

1. Heroine = spinster.
2. Hero = rake/rogue/scoundrel.
3. Heroine = virgin.
4. Heroine has the most annoying habit of repeating everything Hero says, like a fuckin' parrot.

5. Hero has served in the military.
6. Heroine is determined to not let Hero get the best of her. Which basically means she makes long speeches about how much she loathes Hero, only to melt into his arms the second he touches her.

7. Hero has no idea why, but he finds himself "caring" about the Heroine more than he has any other woman.
8. With all evidence to the contrary, Hero still insists on believing that life with Heroine will be anything but boring because she's just so "adventurous" and "interesting".

9. Despite having slept with at least half the women in London, Hero still finds Heroine to be the most beautiful.
10. Heroine thinks she's in love with Hero after talking to him twice.

I am so done.

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